Top 3 Digital Two Way Radio Systems of 2022

Posted by Two Way Direct on 31st Aug 2022

   Whether you’re a business looking for a two-way radio system with endless coverage, the best bang-for-buck model or the most user-friendly option, Two Way Direct has you covered. We offer all major brand two-way radios and have a concrete understanding of what works as well as what typically doesn’t. So, when recommending the ‘best’ two way radios currently, three consistent options come to mind.

Motorola Wave System

   The Motorola Wave System is such a unique solution for those requiring coverage with no boundaries.Comprised of the TLK150 mobile radio, Sonim XP8 smart phone with enhanced push-to-talk as well as the TLK100 handheld radio, which is a subscription-based component combined with the Wave OnCloud web app, this system is able to offer push-to-talk communications with no boundaries. Track your team in real time and increase productivity. This option is popular among trucking, towing and public safety organizations due to its interoperability.


   Two Way Direct has developed their own Digital/Analog two way radio, the  XTR300U in order to meet the needs of our customers. This handheld offers fantastic digital coverage, compatibility with other major brand products and all at the most competitive price-point. With 5 watts of power and an IP56 rating, this radio is not only durable but offers extended coverage. This is also a great option for those interested in switching from an analog to a digital system. Schools. Manufacturing/ Warehousing businesses and many other industries utilize this incredibly cost-effective solution.

Kenwood PKT-23

   The  Kenwood PKT-23 two way radio is the most popular lightweight handheld. Retail, Hospitality and Restaurant industries have latched onto this model as it is extremely user-friendly, cost-effective and offers the coverage needed. With 1.5 watts of power, you can achieve up to 5 miles of coverage in optimal conditions. Looking for a minimalistic radio for your team to communicate with? The PKT-23 is your model!

   Customizing a two-way radio system for your business with most likely require more than simply a google search for the right product, so why not let us help?


For more information on the best digital two-way radio system for your business reach out to us at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.