​Top 3 Security Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 27th Apr 2022

   The Hytera two-way radio brand can be characterized as cutting-edge, reliable and affordable. With solutions, which cater to a variety of complexities, customers are sure to find a product to fit their needs. This statement especially holds true when it comes to the Security industry. There are many different options, which could accommodate security teams, but here are the top 3.



   The Hytera BD612 digital radio is the next generation of the T610 analog Hytera two way radios. With improved ruggedness, life and value this handheld is a fantastic upgrade from these older models. The BD612 model is not only waterproof, but it can also withstand a five foot drop on cement while maintaining battery life for 16 hours in between charges.

   Its digital noise cancellation and high output power as well as its digital encoding capabilities allow for clear transmission and extended coverage for your security team.


   The Hytera HP602 was built to be a no-compromise handheld, which ensures the safety of security and first responders when they need to stay connected while on call and during emergency situations.

   With optimal audio, extended battery life, an intuitive user interface, extended range, and ruggedness, this radio series can prove to be the solution your team needs.

   For example, these radios are designed with a programmable emergency button. Lone worker prompts the user to communicate when he or she is safe by simply speaking or pressing a key on the radio. Also, a feature known as Man Down allows for the handheld to automatically enter emergency mode when the handheld is horizontal or at a set angle or if the radio suddenly becomes motionless.

   The HP602 is IP67 rated and compliant with Military Standards.

   For high-risk jobs, such as security and public safety, this radio is the perfect solution.


   Just like the HP602, the Hytera HP702 offers extremely unique additions, including the Lone Worker and Man Down features. The HP702 was designed primarily to improve employee safety with emergency buttons and priority interrupt.

   This model is lighter and thinner and much more rugged than previous models. It is waterproof to the point where it remains unaffected by the strength of water jets, can be submerged up to 2 meters for a length of 4 hours and is able to withstand the shock of a drop at 2 meters high.

   The HP702 two-way radio is IP68 and Military Standard Compliant.

   Though these are high-end two way radios, these three Hytera models are priced extremely affordably so that all security teams can maintain a safe and connected work environment.

   Hytera allows those who protect us to also be protected.


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