Top Motorola Two-Way Radio Models For 2022

Posted by Two Way Direct on 22nd Feb 2022

Top Motorola Two-Way Radio Models For 2022

As a New Year’s gift to you, we have put together a list of the top Motorola two-way radios to keep your business connected. Whether you operate a small to medium-size business or a large business, these two-way radio models listed below will keep you and your employees connected at all times.

Motorola has a wide variety of devices to fit your specific needs, whether in digital and analog communications or taking advantage of their Wi-Fi enhanced radios, or even LMR to LTE communications. Motorola has you covered.

Motorola BPR40D Two-Way Radio

Motorola BPR40D - The Motorola BPR40D two-way radio is fairly new and quickly rising to a top Motorola radio. The BPR40D is a reliable and durable two-way radio to keep you and your staff connected. It supports both digital and analog communications, allowing you to keep your analog channels and transition to digital as you see fit.

The Motorola BPR40D radio features 16 programmable channels and 4-watts of power output. It is designed for retail, hospitality, and education industries where clear communication is a necessity.

Motorola CLS1110 Two-Way Radio

Motorola CLS1110The Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio has been a fan favorite and frequently on top Motorola radio lists. Clear, light, and simple, the CLS1110 lives up to its name. It is an affordable, easy use option for small businesses such as restaurants, retail, small hotels, and office settings.

It features a 1-watt and 1-channel operation that keeps its functionality simple. Keep your team connected with a simple push of the button.

Motorola CP100D Two-Way Radio

Motorola CP100DAnother top Motorola radio with a more rugged design is the Motorola CP100D two-way radio. The CP100D is ideal for the light user that values ease of use and efficiency. It offers analog voice communications and MOTOTRBO digital when you are ready. Therefore, you can use the CP100D two-way radio if you are still using analog communications but would like to transition to digital in the future.

With its 4-watts of power and 16 programmable channels, you will have the confidence of clear communications that will ensure you and your team stay connected. Plus, if you need

additional features, opt for the Motorola CP100D radio with a display and a limited keypad. The CP100D with a screen and full keypad is also available with even more features like texting. 

Motorola Curve Two-Way Radio

Motorola CurveNew to Motorola and becoming a favorite amongst many industries is the Motorola Curve Two-Way Radio. The Curve is Motorola’s newest two-way radio model. It is the first version to offer license-free communications while integrating push-to-talk and Wi-Fi enhanced communications. This radio features an easy-to-use push-to-talk button and an LED indicator to notify you when in use.

The Curve has a 1-watt power output and 10-programmable channels that allow you to utilize each channel for specific employees or departments if needed. It features a simple ergonomic, easy-to-use design making it ideal for shifting work environments. The Motorola Curve is perfect for retail industries that require a simple two-way radio.

Motorola SL300 Two-Way Radio

Motorola SL300Another frequent top Motorola radio is the trusted SL300 two-way radio. The SL300 radio features a slim rugged design and is outfitted with the latest technology to keep you connected.

It is designed for hospitality, education, and light manufacturing environments. The SL300 is available in either a 2 or 99 channel model, both with 3-watts of power. This two-way radio is equipped with a hidden Active View Display, allowing the user to see who they are communicating with and preserve battery life when not in use.

Motorola TLK100 Two-Way Radio

Motorola TLK100The final radio on our top Motorola radios list has to be the Motorola TLK100 two-way radio. The TLK100 is a slim and powerful two-way radio. It combines the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with user-friendly two-way radio communications.

Operating off LTE networks makes the Motorola TLK100 an ideal two-way radio model for trucking and towing industries where larger coverage zones are needed. Increase your coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.


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