Top Radio For Senior Living Communities

Posted by Two Way Direct on 3rd Jun 2022

   In order to improve productivity as well as to provide a higher level of patient care, two way radios are utilized in senior living community settings. While keeping staff discreetly connected, these handheld systems allow for more attentiveness to residents' needs. For example, in the case of an emergency, staff members can quickly access help with just the click-of-a-button. Some handhelds even possess emergency features in order to speed up the help process even more.

   One two way radio model, which has proven to be successful in this type of environment is the XTR300U. Not only is this handheld extremely affordable, but it also possesses everything staff would need to accomplish optimal communications for their senior living community. This rugged, water-resistant radio provides digital as well as analog technology along with 32 channels and 5 watts of power. So, if you are currently working on an analog system, the XTR300 will be compatible. If you decide to eventually upgrade to a digital system, simply phase the old radios out and use these XTR’s to switch over to digital when ready. The ability to slowly transition into an upgraded system while still being able to utilize the old one proves how cost-effective this model is.

   When you order the XTR300U two-way radio from Two Way Direct, you can also find some accessories, which will allow you to create a hands-free environment. These include the rapid charger as well as the belt clip.These extras simply aid in keeping your device charged and out of the way of your hands while working.

If your team has multiple handhelds, however, consolidation will be key. Purchasing a multi-unit charger will be ideal in order to keep these radios accounted for and consistently charged. Speaker microphones along with earpieces are other great options to help enhance and preserve your system.

Save time and money on a new or upgrading two-way radio system.


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