TRUE-TO-SIZE (TWD XTR300, Motorola CP200D)

Posted by Two Way Direct on 15th Dec 2022



It is not always easy to fully grasp the difference between two-way radio options unless they are right in front of you. That is why Two Way Direct has created the "True-to-Size" blog series in order for our customers to be able to better compare the physical differences along with the technical variance between products.

   Today, we will be focusing on the Motorola CP200D as well as the TWD XTR300U two way radios.


   The CP200D is a two-way radio, which utilizes analog as well as digital technology. This radio offers 4 watts of power and 16 channels, however, there are multiple versions of this model, which makes it much more versatile.

  • CP200D UHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01QDC9JC2AN
  • CP200D UHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01QDC9JA2AN
  • CP200D VHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01JDC9JC2AN
  • CP200D VHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01JDC9JA2AN

   With UHF and VHF options, purely digital upgrades and models which offer full analog/digital technologies, there is sure to be an option to work for most applications.


5”H x 2.4”W x 1.7”D


Similar to the Motorola CP200D is the TWD XTR300U two way radio. This handheld is rugged and dependable with an IP Rating of IP56, which means that it is dust and essentially waterproof. With 32 channels and 5 watts of power, this radio can switch between analog and digital technologies.

Just like the CP200D model, the XTR300U is a great option for those interested in a transition from an analog to a digital system.


4.5H x 2.1W x 1.3D


For more information on which one of these two way radio models might work best for your team, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.