Two-Way Radios and Callboxes That Pass Safety Inspections On A Construction Site

Posted by Two Way Direct on 13th May 2020

Streamline Your Hoist Manlift with Better Communication

If you are on a construction job site, you know communication and safety are the top priorities. Ritron Callboxes and compatible two-way radios are keep your team connected between all floors of the freight elevators. Callboxes are typically placed on each level of the building as well as the inside of the elevator to keep in contact with the operator. 

You can also use two-way radios to communicate back to callboxes throughout the construction job site. The Hoist Operator needs clear communication at all times with all floor levels to keep trades and materials moving. Wireless Callboxes provide reliable communication for your construction site. Plus, these are easy to sanitize with a disinfectant wipe.

Ritron Callbox For Construction Elevators That Pass Safety Inspection

Each construction site must pass a safety inspection before beginning the heavy lifting. Many construction companies rely on using a callbox for lifts during construction projects. These typically pass safety inspection and are easy to install since they are wireless. 

The two-way radios give an extra sense of safety since they are portable and each person can have one on hand. Learn more about the most trusted and durable two-way radio used on construction sites below. 

Best Two Way Radios For Construction Projects

Construction companies across the US trust Two Way Direct to deliver proper equipment to jobsites in a timely manner. Our high-quality two-way radios, callboxes, and accessories will help your team stay connected at all times throughout the construction site.

The most popular  two-way radio for construction companies is the Hytera TC-610 which is available in safety yellow or all black. The TC-610 is specifically designed for extreme weather conditions and harsh environments including heat, rain, and snow, making it perfect for outdoor construction sites.

Two-Way Radio and Callbox Bundle

Get a custom radio and callbox bundle for your construction site exclusively at Two Way Direct. Give us a call at (888) 742-5893 so our Communication Specialists can help get you the right equipment that will pass safety inspection on a construction jobs-site.