Two-Way Radio Charger / Battery Diagnostics

Posted by Two Way Direct on 12th Oct 2022

   When charging your two-way radios, it is common to see the battery light change occasionally. Unless you have researched your handhelds before use, it is difficult to really understand what may be happening. Battery diagnostics begins with understanding what the colored lights from green to orange to red mean and why they may be steady or flashing.

Single Green Flash

A steady green light indicates that the charger has 100% power.

Flashing Red

When the charger light is flashing green, the battery is not making proper contact with the charger. In this case, simply adjust the radio to properly fit into the charger. Also be sure that your radio is powered off in order to reach a full charge.

Flashing Orange

Flashing orange means that the battery is recognized by the charger, but is waiting to charge until conditions (too hot or too cold or battery voltage is low) are optimal.

Steady Red

A steady red battery light shows that the battery is currently in rapid charge mode.

Flashing Green

A flashing green light indicates that the battery charge is almost complete and has reached 90% . Leave the radio in the charger as it will continue to charge to 100%.

Flashing Red and Green

When you see a red or green flashing light, the battery is fully charged. However, while this radio is still usable, the battery may be at the end of its service life. Now would be the time to purchase  replacement batteries.

Steady Green

A steady green light indicates that the battery is charged to 100%.

Steady Orange

When the battery light is a consistent orange, the battery is in recondition or initialization mode. The amount of time that the charger remains in this mode depends on the amount of charge remaining on the battery. Fully charged batteries tend to take more time to recondition (typically 8-12+ hours) than fully discharged or depleted batteries.

Check out this image for reference:


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