Two-Way Radio Communications For Religious Organizations

Posted by Two Way Direct on 14th Jan 2022

   Outfitting the Church industry with two way radios is unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all solution. Which type of system each organization needs primarily depends on the size of the location, congregation and the type of infrastructure in which the groups gather. Whether they operate on grounds or within a building, each solution may be very different.

Small congregation operating outdoors or in a small facility

   For smaller congregations, which gather outdoors or under a structure such as a tent, pavilion or even a small, one-floor building a simple two way radio system would be ideal. The XTR300U is a popular option as it provides 5 watts of power and will allow your team to communicate effectively.

Large congregation operating in a multi-level building, with a school also located on the campus

   With a larger campus comes the necessity for radios and add-ons such as repeaters in order to extend coverage. When communicating on different floors or in between buildings, this extra boost will allow for more efficient transmission and reception. Again, the XTR300U would be a great option for this as it is a UHF option, which will allow frequencies to penetrate barriers such as walls and anything in-between. If simply the handheld radios do not provide enough coverage, add on a repeater to boost your signal.

Largest organizations, operating in a multi-level building, which also offers services such as transportation to its members

   For large organizations, which operate in large, multi-level buildings and which also provide services such as free transportation for its members will definitely need a more unique two way radio system. In this situation, LMR (Land Mobile Radio) to LTE (Long Term Evolution) Interoperability will be valuable for your operations. Interoperability enables the connection of your two-way radio equipment to devices that communicate over LTE cell towers, such as mobile phones.

   So, connecting with these handheld two way radios, such as the XTR300U, would be the public transportation vehicle, which utilizes a mobile device, for example. An interoperability kit would not only allow these two way radios and mobile radios to interact, but it also connects to public safety members who are using cellular devices. In the case of an emergency or a disaster, this open line of communication would result in optimally quick response time.

   To learn more about how interoperability works, check out this video: Vocality RoIP Gateway

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