Two-Way Radios For Security and Emergency Services

Posted by Two Way Direct on 29th Sep 2022

Emergency Solutions 

   Two Way Direct prides itself on our professional knowledge of the technology and services we provide and is most proud of the sense of community created with customers. For over 15 years, our goal has been to provide our customers with the best two-way radios and communication solutions at great prices and with warm smiles.

   With the weather and safety conditions worsening throughout the country; the aspect of community is needed more than ever. We felt it was our responsibility to educate our customers with some of our top choice products and services to ensure you and your community have the proper knowledge available to be prepared for any condition with confidence.

Best Two-Way Radios For Security and Emergency Services 

   As our customers know, we offer a vast variety of communication devices; from two-way radios, repeaters, radio accessories, and PA systems, to online digital platform services that keep you and your team connected with a push of a button nationwide. We have asked our team of professional representatives to highlight their top picks for radios and accessories that will withstand any rugged conditions to best suit your team’s needs and secure their safety.

  1.  XTR300 Two-Way Radio | Two Way Direct

   The XTR300 Series is a 5-watt radio that brings the compatibility to work with various handheld devices and the rugged dependability to handle any potential job site with an IP56 rating (protected from limited dust ingress; protected against water jets from any direction). Working within 32 channels on a UHF frequency band between 400-470MHz, this is a budget-friendly, efficient radio to get the job done. Click the link to read more.

2.  XTR550 Two-Way Radio | Two Way Direct

   The XTR550U is a 5-watt radio that brings compatibility to work with Motorola and Hytera handheld devices while offering the dependability to handle any potential job site with an IP65-rated unit. The rating means it is waterproof but not submersible in water; however, the dust cover has to be secured on the radio to prevent corrosion. With a UHF frequency band of 1,000 channels (between 400-470MHz) and functionalities such as Multiple Zones, Find My Team, and more, this durable radio can withstand a rugged day’s work efficiently and effectively. Click the link to read more.

3. TLK100 Wave Two-Way Radio | Motorola

   Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. This is the TLK100 Wave two-way radio. With this radio, you will be able to have nationwide coverage on the LTE network, making it simple to communicate with your team anywhere. Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real-time and communicate across platforms. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure. With Location Tracking functions, this can assist with finding missing radios, as well as seeing the progress and location of your radio carrier, to ensure their safety and security in real-time. We also offer a TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio making it simple to connect with your team on the road. Click the link to read more.

Two Way Direct Recommended Accessories For Emergency Services 

  1. Belt Clips 

   Belt clips seem so simplistic, but are an easy solution for adding the convenience of having the accessibility to keep your radio on your person as you work. Having the accessibility to be ‘mobile’ with your radio without the worry of misplacing by having on your physical person is a relief off anyone's shoulders. Our vast variety of clips are compatible with all different models, and our team of professional experts can help you find the perfect belt clip for your radio needs. Click here to read more.

2. 2 Wire Surveillance Kit

 2-Wire surveillance kit earpieces are not only valuable in creating a more hands-free system, but they allow for more discrete communications. Secured to the ear, the 2-wire earpiece possesses a push-to-talk button to allow for quick and instant transmission of messages.

3. Shoulder Speaker Microphone

   Small in size but strong in versatility and audio volume, your team will appreciate the durable functionality of our in-house shoulder microphone. Featuring a universal 3.5mm audio jack for earpiece connections, a coil cord, and a swivel clip, this Remote Speaker Microphone will be one of the best accessories to ensure that it works with you and the rest of your gear—no matter the job. We also offer a Listen-Only Earpiece that makes listening to conversations amongst your team discreet and easy in high-noise environments. Click here to read more.

4. Enhanced Push-To-Talk Dispatch

   The AT&T EPTT Web Dispatch Solution combines high-performance, feature-rich, and reliable broadband PTT service with a robust dispatch, GPS mapping, and communications tool that is utilized on most internet-connected PCs anywhere. With this solution, AT&T delivers an all-in-one instant communications and security management solution that lets you track location history and create geofences, have instant communications with them, record conversations with integrated secure messaging, create area-based talk groups, and more. Click the link to browse our  EPPT Web Dispatch solution.

Communications In State of Emergency 

   In times of emergency, fast and efficient communication is essential. Current weather conditions throughout the US have created devastating loss within communities and have made the skies uncertain, but your safety and security shouldn’t be. No matter the services needed, Two Way Direct dedicates itself to providing the best possible solutions for you and your community.

   If you are interested in any of these products or services, please Request A Quote on our online form, or call (888) 742-5893 to speak with a qualified agent today. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the latest news, and promotions from Two Way Direct. 

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