Vertex Radio Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 1st Nov 2019

Choosing the right Vertex Earpiece is simple once you know the radio model or connector type. We recommend these tips to choosing the right earpiece for you and your team. 

Something to keep in mind while looking for the right Vertex Earpiece, is that Vertex and Vertex Standard have both been rebranded into Motorola Solutions. However, the radio numbers have stayed the same and so have the radio earpiece connectors. 

What Vertex Radio Connector Do I Have?

Begin by identifying the type of Vertex radio connector you have. This can be done by identifying the radio model.

Looking at your two-way radio, the front or side of the radio may have a model number. You can also remove the battery from your Vertex two-way radio and look for a model number.

If you need any help, feel free to call us at 888-742-5893 and we’d be glad to help you identify your two-way radio. 

How Many Vertex Radio Earpiece Connections Are There?

There are 3 main Vertex Radio earpiece connector options:

  • Y4 (single pin): vx230, vx350, vx450, evx260, and evx 530 Series Radios
  • Y5 (multi-pin): vx800, vx900, vxd720 Series Radios
  • Y6 (multi-pin): evxs24 Series Radios

What Type of Vertex Radio Earpiece Do I Need?

Once you’ve identified your connector, next you’ll want to pick out the best type of  earpiece for your Vertex Radio.

Our most popular  Vertex two-way radio earpiece options are:

See your earpiece options for your Vertex two-way radios and other accessories at an affordable price. Use the filter on the left navigation to help you narrow down your results based on your radio model.

If you need any additional help, feel free to call us at  (888) 742-5893 and we’d be glad to help you find the best Vertex Radio Earpiece for you!