Walkie Talkie vs. Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 8th Sep 2022

   In your search for wireless communications, you have probably come across the terms “walkie talkie” as well as “ two-way radio.” With so many options out there, it is really easy to get tangled in the wording and product names just to give up and settle on a cheap and easy solution, which probably isn’t exactly what you need.

   So, before you go shopping at big box retailers for your handhelds, you must know that these terms actually mean pretty much the same thing. A walkie talkie as well as a two-way radio are both wireless communication solutions, which allow for coverage with simply the click of a button and which don’t necessarily (but can) need to utilize cellular networks.

   What previously caused the change with this verbiage is when Motorola renamed their products two way radios in the 1950's. Since then, the general term for high-quality handhelds are “two-way radios.”

   One difference to note, however, is typically a “walkie talkie” is a product of lesser quality and coverage than a professional two-way radio. While they essentially aim to perform the same function, one possesses more durability, greater coverage and performance with many products at a “walkie talkie” price-point.

   So, begin your wireless communications search with the term “two-way radio” to find the best and most long-lasting solution for you and your team.


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