What Are Good Replacements For Discontinued Vertex Two-Way Radios?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Jun 2021

Why the discontinuation? Vertex radios were absorbed by Motorola to maximize strengths and better serve the marketplace.

This is not new news, however, it is good to know if you are new to two-way radios or are finally transitioning your current Vertex fleet over to Motorola.

Rebranded Vertex Models

Some Vertex models were rebranded under Motorola due to their popularity, durability, and reliability.

Those models include:

Discontinued Vertex Product Models

Digital DMR
  • VXD-720
  • VXD-7200
  • VXD-R70
P25 Portables
  • VX-P820
  • VX-P920
  • VX-820 Series
  • VX-920 Series
HF Transceivers
  • VX-1210
  • VX-1700

  • VX-230
  • VX-350
  • VX-420A
  • VXD-720

  • VXD-R70
  • VXR-1000
  • VXR-7000
  • VXR-9000

  • VX-4500/4600
  • VX-5500
  • VX-6000
  • VXD-7200

   VX-920 Series
  • VX-P820
  • VX-P920
Base Station
  • BSC-5000
P25 Mobiles
  • VX-7200

   Digital Products
  • EVX-530 Series
  • EVX-5300/5400
  • EVX-R70
  • EVX-Link

Comparable Motorola Models

Do you have a Vertex two-way radio that is now discontinued? Motorola has some radio alternatives that you can transition to.

For example, some companies have transitioned from Vertex VX261 radios to the new Motorola CP100D two-way radio. Other radios that companies have switched to include Motorola CP200D, Motorola BPR40, Motorola SL300, and the Motorola EVX.

If you are looking for lower-tiered radios, the Motorola CLS1110, CLS1410, and VL50 are a great option.

Watch the video below to see us unbox the new CP100D radio.

Need Help with Accessories?

Although Vertex two-way radios have been discontinued we still offer a wide range of accessories that fit your current Vertex models along with your new Motorola radios. Ranging from batteries, chargers, antennas, earpieces, headsets, speaker microphones, belt clips, and carry cases.

Watch the video below to find the right connector for your radio.

Can You Still Get Vertex Two-Way Radios Serviced?

Yes, Two Way Direct offers repair services on your Vertex two-way radios as well as a variety of other brands and models.

Need More Assistance?

If you are interested in trading in your current Vertex fleet call our specialists at (888) 742-5893 to learn about the different options we have available to you (as well as learn about our trade-in offers).

Or, fill out a quote request and our specialists will contact you.