​What Does DMR Mean?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 26th Oct 2022

   The acronym DMR stands for ‘Digital Mobile Radio.’ DMR is an international term, which refers to two-way radios. DMR radios were designed specifically to be compatible with other DMR models created by different manufacturers. They are versatile handhelds, which are able to all operate under the same network within the DMR standards of communications.

   Aiming to create a product of lower cost while still possessing higher quality, these two-way radios are not only affordable, but are also easy to use.

   Because DMRs were developed, people and businesses are able to own, fix and upgrade their systems without a heavy investment nor the maintenance fees that come along with a more proprietary system.

   A real-life example of how these benefits come into play is when businesses decide to upgrade from an analog to a digital system or when new radios need to be purchased and their current model is now discontinued. DMR technology allows different makes and models to work with one another while either phasing out an old analog system or when you just need to add onto your current communications.

   In most cases, customers will send a reader-radio to the place they purchased the new models from so that they can program the new models onto the current frequencies. 

    DMRs are a great and cost-effective investment for those looking to create or expand their two-way radio system.


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