What is a Reader Radio?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 27th Oct 2022

When you purchase two-way radios, one of the first questions your sales rep will ask is “Do you have any existing radios that these new models need to work with?” If your answer is yes, and if you have a current two-way radio system in use, they will then ask you to send in a reader-radio.

So, what is a reader-radio?

A reader radio is a handheld from your current system, which possesses all of the frequencies that your team is working on. With this radio, the rep will be able to add these current frequencies to an archive in order to program the newly purchased two-way radios onto these same frequencies for them to work together.

The reader-radio process makes it so much more simple when adding onto your two-way radio system, rather than the customer being required to purchase programming software and cables and doing it themselves. 

When you purchase from Two Way Direct, radio programming is always free and in-house, so we can get your product back to you in no time.


For more information on our in-house radio programming, give us a call at 888-742-5893 and a sales rep will assist you.