When To Replace Two Way Radio Antennas

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Mar 2023



   Antennas are one of the most important features of handheld two-way radios. Allowing for extended range, antennas are the key to communicating with your team without interference and at longer distances.

   When radios begin to experience issues, the first thing to inspect is the antenna. These common issues include interference, less coverage or inability to connect with the other radios on your team.

  1. Is the antenna bent?
  2. Is the antenna screwed on fully?
  3. Is the antenna broken?

    If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it is probably time to replace this accessory. With most products you will have the option to choose a stubby antenna or a long-whip antenna. The difference between these two versions are truly minimal, however, and are truly purchased based on user-preference. While the long-whip antenna produces slightly more coverage, most of the time it is not enough for people to forgo the compact style and wearability of the stubby antenna.


    One aspect of two way radio ownership is learning how to preserve your handhelds properly. With regards to antennas, it is important to take care of this accessory so that you don’t lose precious coverage or communications.

Here is some advice to follow:

1.)Never carry or swing your radio by the antenna

   This can and will bend and ultimately break the wire, which is needed for your radios to be able to communicate with your team.

2.)Make sure that your accessories (antenna in this case) are properly secured to the handheld

   If your antenna is not completely secured to the radio, this will surely cause shaky coverage.

   Watch our Youtube Video to learn how to replace your old antenna with a new one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYyyTcxguoE

3.)Keep extra stock of these accessories on hand

   It is always wise to have extra accessories on hand, especially if you are working with a team. This way, if communication is compromised due to an issue with your antenna, you can easily switch it out for a new one without missing a beat.

   If you are having any other issues not listed in this blog, check out our Tips and Tricks video to learn what may be going on with your product as well as how to fix it: https://www.twowaydirect.com/two-way-direct-blog/troubleshooting-your-radio-communication-needs/


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