When To Replace Your Two-Way Radio Batteries

Posted by Two Way Direct on 5th Oct 2022

    In creating a two-way radio system for your team, ensuring that there is consistent communications is vital. Protecting and preserving your equipment will ensure that the life of your system is extended as much as possible. Whether it’s chargers, carry cases, belt clips, earpieces, speaker mics or batteries, accessories enable two-way radio systems to last.

    One of the most popular two-way radio add-ons is replacement batteries. Here are some situations where replacement batteries become necessary:

1.)Radios not holding charge

    When radios are used for an extended period of time or are not properly charged, battery power lessens and may not hold charge for as long.

2.)Batteries are 1-2 years old

    Although these don’t necessarily possess an exact expiration date, there is an expectation of how long batteries last before exhausting. Typically this cycle is between 18-24 months, and replacements are necessary between 1-2 years after purchase.

3.)Radio is overheating

    If you are experiencing issues such as overheating handhelds, this may indicate that the battery has reached the end of its life or there may be a manufacturing defect. In this case, quickly remove the battery from the two-way radio in order to avoid more damage.

    There are ways to preserve your batteries, such as powering off the radio while not in use or while charging, but having extras on-hand is always beneficial in the case that power is lost. Having fresh new batteries enables a system where your team gets the longest life and the best performance out of their handhelds.

    Replacement batteries allow your team to make the most out of their communications, so why not set them up with an optimal system with some extra batteries to have on-hand?


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