​Where To Place A Repeater

Posted by Two Way Direct on 1st Nov 2022

When expanding your two-way radio coverage, a repeater is one of the best solutions for providing private, secure, instant coverage and signal boost.

A repeater essentially takes the signal from a handheld and transmits it to the receiving radio with boosted signal.

Where do you place the repeater?

A repeater is typically placed in a central, high location in between the two (or more) points of communication such as a building or mountain. This device is typically installed at the highest point in order to maximize the achievable coverage of these handhelds.

When is a repeater necessary?

Repeaters are beneficial when there’s a need to overcome obstacles, which obstruct the line-of-sight communication needed for transmission and reception.

With a trunked repeater system, one can expand the amount of users on the system by implementing shared channels rather than a set of channels. In this type of trunked repeater system, more workers can communicate with one another on these shared channels with boosted signal.

Another instance, of which repeaters enhance, is when linking two different sites, such as hospitals or other buildings. This type of communication is called site-linking.


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