Why Upgrade Your Two Way Radio System from Analog to Digital

Posted by Two Way Direct on 17th Jun 2022

   Upgrading a two way radio system can seem daunting and expensive, but could be completely necessary for your business. An older system utilizing analog radios may not possess the clear audio, coverage or durability that you require, so it is important to consider a digital migration now to allow yourself time to upgrade.

Here are a 5 reasons why you should upgrade your current analog two-way radio system:

1.)Audio Quality

Noise cancellation is a feature, which allows digital systems to provide clearer and improved audio quality. So, while your analog system transmits your voice along with all of the background noise, a digital system mutes what is in the background for clearer transmission.

2.) Coverage

Coverage with a digital system versus an analog system is drastically different. Though they are both able to reach the same distance, the audio quality on an analog radio affects the strength of this connection. With a digital handheld at that same distance, the audio will be much clearer and more precise.

3.) Life

When you upgrade to a digital two-way radio system, you are also adding about 40% of a longer life to your handhelds. Digital radios are much more energy-efficient and are built to last.

4.) Spectrum Capacity

Digital technology is unbeatable when it comes to bandwidth efficiency. Due to the fact that it is so efficiently utilizes the radio spectrum, your resulting licensing costs are minimized, saving you money which can be allocated to other parts of your business.

5.) Applications

Applications such as GPS tracking, text messaging, voice dispatch, work order management and more are available for certain brands of digital two-way radios. These applications allow consolidation of devices as well as easier workforce management for your company.

    Even if your analog two way radio system still currently works for you, it is wise to always keep an idea of a digital system that will work for your team if there is ever a need to phase in something new.

   When you order from Two Way Direct, you have the option to opt into our trade in program. With this deal, you are able to send in your old analog (or digital) radios in return for a credit on your new digital system.


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