Utility Sector Radios

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Two-way radios are essential for businesses operating in the utility sector. Water, electricity, and gas companies depend on two-way radios to keep the whole team in contact and up to speed.

The Best Communications Equipment for Utilities Operations

When utilities go down, it’s a race against the clock to get them back up and working. Even minor problems can have major consequences. Two-way radios for utilities sector industries allow instantaneous communication, so every team member can act fast with up-to-date information.

UHF radios are excellent at communicating through walls and structures, and their range can be extended for miles with repeatersThese devices can even be mounted in service vehicles for mobile and variable network extensions! With the right equipment, they can also communicate over the same LTE towers that cell phones use with LMR to LTE interoperability.

This is much of the same equipment that fire & rescue first responders use, so you can be sure it is reliable in even the most strenuous situations. Using these two-way radios, utilities providers can better provide information and take reports of dangers such as downed power lines and leaks in gas and power.

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