Hytera HP702 Two Way Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 11th Sep 2023

   Elevating industry standard for professional two way radios is the  Hytera HP702. With the ability to operate on both analog as well as digital networks (dual mode), this system proves itself as a versatile solution for varied applications. With a new, sleek design, elevated ruggedness along with its emergency features, teams can work among the harshest of environments more safely and efficiently.

   A .91 inch OLED display offers users the ability to ensure that their handhelds are consistent and optimal. Displayed is one of the 1,024 channels available on this handheld, signal strength, level of power, power status, and BT status as well.

   The HP702 possesses an IP68 Rating, which means that this handheld is not only dust-proof, but is also waterproof with the ability to withstand water jets while submersed up to 2 meters underwater for 4 hours. Also, this radio can handle a drop from 2 meters high. Lastly, an anti magnetic speaker deters magnetic metal dust and shavings from reaching this handheld.

   Customer service workers as well as teams operating in harsh environments would benefit greatly from this Hytera HP702 system.

    Those utilizing these handhelds often require a more hands-free environment, which is why they turn to compatible accessories. 

Some of these include:

Stubby Antenna

    A stubby antenna allows communications to remain strong and in-tact. When an antenna is bent or broken a system can begin to experience interference or lack of coverage. It is always wise to keep extras on-hand in the case that one gets damaged while on the job.

How to replace an antenna:

Recommended two way radio care:

2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece

    This 2-Wire earpiece is a more discrete accessory, which is popular for Security, when communications may want to appear less visible. Simply connect the accessory to your radio, which is connected to your hip via belt clip. Then, lace the wire through your shirt and clip it to your collar. Wrap the clear coil around your ear and insert the memory foam ear tip into the ear canal. These 2-wire earpieces are not only easy to clean, but the memory foam ear tips are also interchangeable, which allows the 2-wires to be shared among a team while still remaining sanitary.

Watch this video to see how this accessory should look when properly attached:

Remote Speaker Microphones

    Remote speaker mics allow for quick, clear communication without the need for an earpiece. Warehouses often utilize these as it provides a means for quick relay of messages among the team. With simply the click of a button, one can transmit their audio and move on with their tasks.

Radio Chargers

Single-Unit Charger

    Single unit chargers are a must for those possessing a two way radio. This is how your handheld is able to charge and get ready for the day of work ahead. These single-unit chargers are great for individual use, however, if you are working with a team of two way radio users, a multi-unit charger will probably be a better option.

Multi-Unit Charger

    Multiple single-unit chargers take up multiple outlet spaces, while the multi-unit charger requires only one outlet to charge many radios at once. This is the most effective charging option for teams of two way radios.

Battery Diagnostics and Charger Troubleshooting:

Learn how to properly charge your handhelds in order to preserve your radios:

Benefits of Multi-Unit Chargers:

Replacement Batteries

    Replacement batteries are one of the most important two way radio accessories. Simply having some on-hand at all times can save your communications by allowing for consistent transmission when your current batteries are running low.


    For more information on how to properly outfit your new Hytera HP702 two way radio system, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.

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