Hytera ​PD362i Two Way Radio Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 4th Dec 2023

   The  Hytera PD362i two way radio is a 3-Watt, dual-mode (analog & digital) mobile two way radio, which offers a sleek design that fits in the palm of your hand. This pocket-sized radio is equipped with a 2000mAh battery and offers up to 12 hours of battery life. An IP-54 rating ensures that the PD362i can withstand limited dust particles along with water spray from any direction.

Watch this video to check out the Hytera PD362i two-way radio:

   Those utilizing this model often require a hands-free environment in order to create optimal communications. One of these most used ‘extras’ are earpieces.

2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece

   The 2-wire is a great option for a more discrete operational solution. Attached to a clear-coil with a custom ear-tip, this simply laces through the shirt and attaches to the collar in order to remain unseen.

Learn how to properly wear a 2-wire earpiece:

   This accessory is extremely cost-effective as well, as it is easily transferable among a team of workers. Simply remove the custom ear-tip and replace it with a new one. Each member can possess their own ear-tip so that the team can share earpieces throughout shifts.

G-Hook Earpiece

   The G-Hook earpiece is an accessory, which is used in environments where more durable solutions are needed. With the swivel earpiece, just wrap around the outer ear and twist the speaker part in order to secure it to the inner ear.

Both the 2-Wire as well as the G-Hook are popular solutions and allow for a safer, more efficient work environment.


   For more information on earpieces, which work with the Hytera PD362i two way radio, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.