Kenwood 2-Wire Earpiece Connectors

Posted by Two Way Direct on 18th Apr 2023

   Kenwood is a brand, which provides two way radio solutions ranging from analog two way radios to handhelds to those with abilities to support both analog as well as digital technologies. These handhelds are built to withstand the harshest of environments while upholding consistent and clear communications. What aids in this optimal radio system as well, is also the two way radio accessories, which work to create a hands-free and ultimately a safer work environment.

   Two Way Radio Accessories are great options for enabling this efficient type of communication.

   One of the most popular two way radio ‘extras’ is the 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece.

   These 2 wire earpieces are great options for those requiring more discrete communications. Simply lace the wire through the shirt and clip it to your collar. Then loop the clear coil around the ear and push the earpiece into your ear. The mold should custom fit to the ear canal for a better fit. With a quick disconnect audio cord, this earpiece can easily be transferred to others on the team when needed. These 2-wires are a very cost-effective way to supply your team with elite communications.

   Due to the amount of different radio models within this Kenwood brand, however, checking the connector type is important in ensuring that you have purchased the proper 2-wire for your system.

Refer to the graph below:


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