Motorola CP185 End of Cycle

Posted by Two Way Direct on 4th May 2023

 The Motorola CP185 has officially reached the end of its lifecycle. By the middle/end of 2023, this product will no longer be available for purchase. This 4-5 watt, 16 channel handheld has been one of the most popular options on the market for industries such as education, retail, restaurants, hotels and more! Though the CP185 radio is going away, there are other great options, which can easily stand in its place.

The best alternatives to replace this CP185 are:

Motorola CP200

    With 4-5 watts of power, this analog two way radio offers advanced audio quality, a compact design as well as a range of battery choices and rapid charging abilities to ensure that your handhelds are ready and charged as quickly as needed. The CP200 offers a UHF (4 watts) as well as a VHF (5 watts) option and up to 16 channels.

Watch this coverage test for the Motorola CP200:

Check out this video to see which accessories work with the CP200: 

Motorola CP200D

    If you are looking for an analog/digital option, the CP200D would be an ideal choice. Like the CP200 model, this radio offers between 4-5 watts of power and is fully compatible with the family of MOTOTRBO models. 14.5 (analog) to 18.5 (digital) hours of battery life (fully charged) along with an IP 54 rating, this model can not only be added to your current system, but will enhance communications. Utilizing the CP200D also provides a great opportunity to switch from an analog system to digital. Simply utilize the analog technology until you have replaced all older analog radios with the newer CP200D models and then instantly switch over to digital.

Learn more about the CP200D Here: 

See which accessories work best with the CP200D:


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