Motorola SL300 Two Way Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 21st May 2023

    The Motorola SL300 is a 3 watt, 99 channel digital & analog radio with a display for ease of use. With an IP-54 rating, this handheld can withstand splashing water and is dust particle resistant. The active view display is unique in that it is protected from scratches and breaks due to the fact that it is underneath the protective surface of the radio.

There are 2 different types of Motorola SL300 models:

    The SL300 is the perfect option for those working in Education, Property Management, Hospitality and Events, who need a handheld, which looks professional and offers durability for daily use.

    For those utilizing this Motorola radio, it is often important that their communications be hands-free in order to allow for more freedom in a hands-on environment.

Check out our coverage test of the SL300 inside of a building: 

Here is our outdoor coverage test for the SL300:

Some accessories, which are great options in optimizing communications include:

Multi-Unit Charger

    Having a working charger on hand ensures that your two way radios are always charged and ready for use. Multi-unit chargers, however, allow for the consolidation of a team’s two-way radios. Rather than utilizing several single-unit chargers, which take up more outlet space, a multi-unit charger enables multiple radios to be charged at the same time and accounted for.

2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece

    For more discrete communications, this 2-wire earpiece is a great option. Simply connect to the radio, lace the wire through your shirt and clip the earpiece to your collar. Lastly, wrap the clear coil around your ear. A memory foam ear-tip is included in order for this earpiece to form to the ear canal. This accessory is not only discrete, but is also comfortable. When properly cleaned, teams can utilize different memory foam ear-tips and share these accessories with others on their team.

G-hook Earpiece

    The G-hook earpiece is a great accessory to have for those harsh work environments. Secured to the ear, the G-hook features an in-line Push-To-Talk with clear audio along with durability. Simple to clean and easy to use, this earpiece can be a great addition to your team’s communications.

Remote Speaker Microphones

    Speaker microphones are great options for those within industries such as retail, education, and manufacturing, when quick relay of messages is necessary but the team needs to operate hands-free.

Replacement Batteries

    Replacement batteries are probably the most valuable accessory to have on hand for your two-way radio system. As batteries age, they lose power more quickly. Having extras will ensure that you never lose communication with your team for extended periods of time. Two Way Direct offers a cost-effective solution for two way radio replacement batteries with their TWD brand. The TWD-B4468 is the model for the SL300 two-way radio. These TWD brand batteries not only offer comparable quality and fit but they tend to possess even longer life. They also come with a preassembled belt clip for quick use.


    For more information on accessories, which work with the Motorola SL300 two-way radio, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.

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