Motorola TLK 25 Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 13th Feb 2024

   The Motorola TLK25 two way radio is a wearable WAVE PTX device, which enhances communications even beyond the work site by offering long-range connectivity. While compact and durable, this radio also provides the ability to operate efficiently and safely with features such as intuitive voice assistant along with TLK 25 Wi-Fi.

   An IP-67 rating means that this radio is waterproof as well as dust-proof, so no need to worry about these outside elements while on the job. Utilize the TLK 25 for up to 12 hours with its long-lasting battery and simply charge when the work day is over. These devices can be recharged with either USB-C or its magnetic multi-unit charger.

   There are several different ways to wear this radio. Whether it’s via holster, badge clip, belt clip, on a lanyard or simply in the pocket, it is up to users how they would like to utilize their system.

Some unique features of the TLK 25 include:


   The purpose of why there is no external microphone or speaker is to enable more discreet communications. Because of this, the system will require earpieces. With Bluetooth 5.0 LE, this radio can connect with most other Bluetooth audio devices.


   The Motorola TLK 25 features intuitive Voice Assistant, which offers voice recognition and quick relay. There is a Voice Assistant button on this device as well as its earpiece. Simply press one of these buttons to activate Voice Assistant so that you can place calls, access settings and manage emergency features just by using your voice. This allows for hands-free communications so that workers can focus on the job. Powered by natural language processing, TLK 25’s Intuitive Voice Assistant does not limit users to specific voice prompts. It can also understand varying names, verbiage and voices, including accents.

  The TLK can also be worn as a panic button. Individuals can use this button to declare an emergency, whether it is locally or on behalf of another worker’s device. This streamlines emergency response during these situations. Regarding this feature, teams can integrate with LocationTech for panic button use and precise indoor location.


   TLK 25 Wi-Fi is the first Wi-Fi only, wearable communications device in the Motorola WAVE PTX portfolio. In order to make this solution more efficient, this radio was designed to offer interoperability with WAVE PTX.

   WAVE PTX is a carrier-independent push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions. This means that users can connect across different networks and types of devices. This enhances range and provides inclusion among teams so that everyone stays informed and connected.

   TLK 25 Wi-Fi is compatible with existing enterprise or even personal Wi-Fi networks. It can also operate on both 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

   In order to activate and manage these TLK 25 devices, you can do so remotely using the WAVE PTX Administration Portal.


   The TLK 25 is compatible with other TLK- Series radios such as the TLK 100TLK 110TLK 150 , WAVE PTX .

   This easy-to-use system streamlines communications among teams near and far. When you purchase this device, you will receive the TLK 25 device along with a TLK 25 earpiece, belt clip, USB-C to USB-A charging cable as well as the battery, which is embedded in the radio.

    **The TLK 25 is also compatible with higher-end MOTOTRBO models such as the APX, XPR AND R7**

   Elevate your communications and operations in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, and education sectors with the Motorola TLK 25.


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