Motorola TLK110 Two Way Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 15th Aug 2023

    The Motorola TLK110 two way radio is a solution, in which push-to-talk (PTT) communications take place over an extended LTE network via WAVE PTX, so you can communicate nationwide.

    This IP-67 Rated (waterproof and dust-tight) handheld offers features such as remote management via WAVE PTX Portal, and broadband push-to-talk capabilities. Not only is this system easily implemented, it is also user-friendly for the whole organization regardless of role. This cross-device system allows for use with smartphones, tablets and certain two way radios, so that it may bridge communication gaps within a business.

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    For those utilizing this TLK110 system, it can be beneficial to enhance your system with extras to help create a more hands-free system. Some accessories, which work with the Motorola TLK110 two way radio include:

2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece

   The 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece is a great option for a more discrete application. Simply lace the wire through the shirt and clip it to the collar. Wrap the clear coil around the ear and secure the memory foam ear-tip within the ear canal. This type of earpiece is easily cleaned and transferable between team members with interchangeable memory foam ear-tips.

    Learn how to properly wear a 2-wire earpiece:

G-Hook Earpiece

    The G-hook earpiece is a more durable option when it comes to earpiece accessories. With the swivel earpiece, easily adjust to fit the ear and secure it in place.

Replacement Battery

   Replacement batteries are one of the most valuable accessories to have on hand for a two way radio system. In order to maintain consistent communications, it is necessary to have extras on-hand as backup in the case that power is lost on a device. The TWD-B4468 is a great replacement option for the TLK110 two way radio.

Remote Speaker Microphone

   A remote speaker microphone is a great option for those wanting a more hands-free system. Simply attach the speaker mic to your collar and transmit messages with one press of the push-to-talk button.


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