Discontinued Motorola NNTN8203A APX XE Remote Speaker Microphone


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Motorola NNTN8203A APX XE Remote Speaker Microphone

*** DISCONTINUED. REPLACED WITH Motorola NNTN8575 Remote Speaker Microphone. CALL (888) 742-5893 FOR REPLACEMENT OPTIONS*** 

In the heat of action, you have to talk and hear clearly above the commotion. As smoke pours and fire spreads, you can’t afford to fiddle with a radio or second-guess your radio communications.

Firefighter safety is critical to us. We teamed up with first responders around the world to develop a rugged remote speaker microphone (RSM) that complements our APX 7000XE and 6000XE radios and withstands the harshest conditions.

The APX XE RSM is part of our complete portfolio of fire- specific radios and accessories, with ultra-rugged features, advanced ergonomics and special innovations to improve responder safety. From exaggerated controls to exceptional noise suppression, it’s made for the noisiest, nastiest days.

Compatible Radio Models: 

  • Motorola APX 7000 two-way radios
  • Motorola APX 7000XE two-way radios 
  • Motorola APX 6000 two-way radios
  • Motorola APX 6000XE two-way radios 


Everything about the XE RSM is designed for easy use on the fire ground. From exaggerated controls you can operate with bulky gloves to an asymmetrical shape so you can find the controls you need without looking.

Feel how the XE RSM fits comfortably in your hand and discover the difference extreme ergonomics make. The large emergency button that’s easy to locate, but shielded so it’s not accidentally activated. The prominent push-to-talk button that is easy to find and press with gloves on. The easily accessible, programmable buttons and a volume switch on the corner of the RSM that “rocks up and down” to distinguish it from other controls.


The XE RSM works alongside you in heavy smoke and hot conditions. Available in three different housing colors to meet your specific needs and includes a large metal D-ring that flips up or down so you can attach it any way you want on your turnout gear. A high visibility strobe light activates when the emergency button is pressed, this strobe has been verified by firefighters in training conditions to be visible in smoke up to 10 feet. And if the RSM gets sprayed with a hose or dropped in a pool of water, you’ll see what rugged specs and a unique water-draining speaker design really mean.


The XE RSM is the first accessory with dual microphones that locate the talker and cancel out background noise. It suppresses noise so effectively, you can be heard in the loudest environments –over roaring fire, pumper trucks and wailing sirens.

A large speaker delivers the loudest, clearest accessory audio available – 50% louder and clearer than our existing XTS RSMs –so transmissions are clear and intelligible, not distorted or garbled. And because the XE RSM leverages the exceptional noise suppression technology of our best-in-class APX radios, you can be heard and be clearly understood in all types of extremes.

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Speaker Microphones
Compatible With (Brand):
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Motorola APX6000
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Motorola APX7000