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Discontinued Vertex Standard VX-2100 Mobile Radio 8 Channels VHF [VX-2100-D0-50P1]


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VX-2100-D0-50 PKG-1 W/MH-67A8J VHF. The VX-2100 Series mobiles are designed for reliable business communications in a wide variety of applications with a wide range of operating capability provided by the 25 Watt or high power (50 Watts VHF/45 Watts UHF) output versions and wide-band coverage (134 174 MHz / 400 - 470 MHz / 450 512 MHz). 8 channels For the basic work-horse mobile, the VX-2100 provides up to 8 channels to work from. 2-TONE ENCODE/DECODE The built-in 2-tone signaling includes 8 decode pairs and 32 encode pairs. 5-TONE SIGNALING The built-in 5-tone signaling includes 8 decode pairs and 32 encode pairs. Functions include: Stun Revive Kill Auto TX Accesory Control (2) EMERGENCY FEATURE The built in emergency function can switch to an emergency channel, send the ENI,etc. DTMF ANI The VX-2100 mobiles come with DTMF ANI built in. ENCRYPTION ( OPTION ) VOICE INVERSION ROLLING CODE MDC 1200 / GE-STAR ANI ENCODE ( OPTION ) DTMF PAGING ( OPTION ) Package Includes: VX-2100 Series Mobile MH-67A8J Microphone