Using Drones in Search and Rescue 

We understand that a search and rescue mission is a  task where minutes, even seconds, could make all the difference in saving a life. Utilizing a thermal camera, paired with a drone, provides rescuers with an easily deployable aerial thermal image. This will dramatically accelerate the search for missing people by highlighting thermal signatures and giving the ability to even see through foliage.

Using Drones for Firefighting 

Get a complete view of a dangerous situation with visual and thermal cameras. Utilizing drones, fire teams can now evaluate a blaze from above to determine its route, rate of travel, and any structures or areas that are a risk. This allows fire chiefs on the ground to send their teams exactly where they are needed. Drones equipped with thermal imaging will allow you to recognize hot spots and point fire fighters in the right direction, allowing the team to respond faster on the scene.

Using Drones in Law Enforcement

Small UAVs that can fit in any police vehicle give law enforcement teams a broad situational awareness, allowing them to formulate an appropriate response in even the most complex environments. Threat detection is fundamental to saving the lives of officers and protecting civilians when out in the field. With a drone in each car, every officer can benefit from their own police helicopter, giving all officers the protection of an aerial surveillance system.

The possibilities are endless when utilizing a drone for public safety and first responder applications. Let’s talk, we can talk about the difficulties you face on the job and how a drone with the latest technology can help.