Q: What is the first thing that you should check when problems occur with your two-way radios?

A: The battery. Repairs can be costly, but new batteries are not. If you just need a new battery, then order one – it might save you a lot of money. Call us for a free battery diagnostics 1-888-742-5893.

Q. Retail stores claim that their radios can work over greater than 10 miles. Is this true?

A. Yes and no. A radio can work for ten miles if nothing is in the way of transmission. However, are generally obstructions, and no line-of-sight. Retail store radios are never recommended for business applications, and are best used for recreational outings or as toys.

Q. Do stubby antennas work better than the standard whip antenna?

A. Actually no, the stubby antenna receives a weaker reception than the standard whip. But most people prefer the stubby antenna because it makes the radio smaller.

Q. Why do some 4- and 5-watt radios receive and transmit better than other radios?

A. Some radios have a higher receive and transmit sensitivity. The better the sensitivity, the better they receive and transmit.

Q: Is there a way to tell if my battery is still in good condition or if it is old?

A: There is a three-number date code that can determine your Motorola battery’s age. The first digit of the date code is the last digit of the year, and the remaining digits are the week. Thus, 815 translates to the 15th week of 1998. For all other batteries, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be glad to help you 1-888-742-5893.

Q: How long will my two way radio batteries last?

A: It depends on work cycle, battery chemistry, and charging cycles. Generally, they last at least a year and a half to two years.

Q: Is the radio waterproof?

A: Some two-way radio models are waterproof but not all. An example of a waterproof handheld radio is the IC-F50V / F60V Series by Icom America.

Q: What’s the difference between UHF and VHF?

A: UHF or Ultra High Frequency radios are designed to work in urban environments and indoors, whereas VHF or Very High Frequency radios are designed for outdoor, rural environments.

Q: How can the new radios “talk” to my old radios?

A: When placing an order, you can send us one of your existing radios or provide us with a list of the frequencies you use. Two Way Direct will program your new radios free of charge.

Q: Can a VHF radio work with a UHF radio?

A: No. VHF radios operate in the 30-300 MHz range, and UHF radios operate in the 300-600 MHz range. Since radios need to operate on the same frequency in order to talk to each other, it is impossible to match a frequency in the 30-300 MHz range with something in the 300-600 MHz range, and vice versa. So unfortunately it is impossible for a VHF radio to work with a UHF radio.

Q: What do I do if my radio needs repairs, or my accessory is under warranty and defective?

A: Call us to do a quick, simple evaluation over the phone. Your issue might be something simple that won’t require you to send your device to us. Otherwise, if we are unsuccessful, you may send it in to be repaired.