FirstNet Eligibility

Types of FirstNet Users

Primary Users are Public Safety Entities that act as first responders, the agencies who are at an emergency scene first. This includes law enforcement, fire protection services, emergency (911) call dispatching and government Public Safety Answering Points, emergency planning and management offices, and ambulance safety services. 

Extended Primary Users are those agencies, organizations, non-profit or for-profit companies that provide public safety services in support of Primary Users. They provide mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up, restoration, or other such services during or after an incident.

FirstNet Eligible Primary and Extended Primary Users 

Eligibility Guidelines effective July 8th, 2020.

Eligible Users
Approved Users Eligibility Requirements
Public Sector - Primary
Federal / State / County / Local / Tribal / Territory Entities
• Active Sworn Law enforcement
• Active Paid or Volunteer Fire Fighters
• Active Registered EMT/Paramedic
• Ambulance
• 911/PSAP (Pubic Safety Answering Point)
• Emergency Operations Center - Authorized Personnel responsible for
Management & Implementation (excludes participants)
• Continuity of Government (example: President/Vice President, Governor, Lt. Governor etc.)
Public Sector – Extended Primary
Federal / State / County / Local / Tribal / Territory Entities
• Law Enforcement – Civilian (Non-Sworn)
     • Public Information Officers
     • Intel Analysts
     • Crime Scene Technicians
     • Evidence Technicians
     • Crime Analysts
     • Animal Control
     • Coroner (Non Sworn)
• Government Utilities (City/County/Local) – Field Techs/Dispatch Only
     • Water & Sewer
     • Streets Maintenance
     • Sanitation
     • Traffic Control
Extended Primary Extended Primary Subscriber Paid Eligible
NOTE: Coroner’s who are sworn law enforcement are considered Primary
Public Sector – Sworn Court Officials
Federal / State / County / Local / Tribal / Territory Entities
• Judge
• Prosecutor/Prosecuting Attorney
• Attorney General
• District Attorney
• Bailiff
Primary NOTE: County Attorneys – Direct Employed or Private Sector contracted are not eligible in this category
Public Sector – Continuity of Government
Federal/ State/County/Local/Tribal/ Territory Entities
• City/Municipal Mayors/Deputy Mayors
• County/Parish Board of Commissioners
Primary NOTE: MINIMAL number of senior staff providing direct support to the COG official may be designated as eligible as deemed necessary by the governmental authority
Private Sector Industries • Users who are assigned to private sector industries who may have primary eligibility listed above (Active Law Enforcement [Sworn], Active Registered Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic, Active Paid or Volunteer Fire Fighters, Ambulance with appropriate documentation should apply for Primary Eligible status.
Industry Specific Users
Energy & Utilities3 • Users & Equipment used in the dispatch and response of personnel at time of incident or crisis in support of public safety
     • Dispatch and Drivers
     • IT and Network and IOT M2M: IT Personnel and devices (IOT) supporting Voice & Data Communications in support of Public Safety [excludes SmartGrid devices]
• Full-time Executive/Management personnel designated by entity as the decision maker and implementer of an Emergency Operations Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan at the time of an emergency or crisis
Extended Primary • Electric and Gas utilities must be listed as state public utility; Verification Documentation needed for all other
• Field Technicians (*Field Techs (only) also eligible for
Airline Transportation
• Active Sworn Law Primary  
• Emergency Operations Centers
• IT and Network & IOT M2M
Extended Primary  
Ground Transportation1
(includes Bus Transportation; Freight Trucking; Towing/Wrecker Services)
• Wheelchair Van (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation)
     • Dispatch and Drivers (Bus/Truck/Rig & Wreckers)*
• Towing/Wrecker Services
     • Dispatch and Drivers (Bus/Truck/Rig & Wreckers)*
• Local Transit Authorities
*Limited to those users supporting First Responders during a time of Emergency (requires documentation for Validation)
Extended Primary • Verification Documentation
Healthcare - Hospitals
• Trauma Center/ER & Other medical personnel deemed critical to ER Services
• Ambulance
• Medical Personnel deemed necessary to support ER services
• IT and Network & IOT M2M
• Hospital Security (Non Sworn – Direct Employed)
Extended Primary  
Healthcare– Private Practice Medical Professionals • Private Practice Medical Professionals
• Telehealth
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Healthcare Staffing Agencies
• Mental Health
• Substance Abuse
Extended Primary State Licensed Drs & Nurses
NOTE: Remote Patient Monitoring requires RPM CONTRACT ADDENDUM
Healthcare – Public Health Departments • Coroners (Non-Sworn)
• Communicable Disease Program Administration
• Immunization Program Administration
• Public Health Inspectors
• Contact Tracing (caseworkers)
Extended Primary NOTE: Please see Eligibility Rules for more details
K-12 + Higher Education
• Active Sworn Law Enforcement Primary  
• Private Security Extended Primary • Verification Documentation
• Bus Transportation Extended Primary • Drivers/Dispatch
• Faculty and Admin participating in emergency safety operations Extended Primary • 5-10 Users per site
Private Security • Dispatch & Incident Response*
     • Private Security resources contracted to provide public safety services
*Private Security Firms may not purchase Primary even for Sworn Law Enforcement. Primary Eligibility for Sworn Law Enforcement may only be covered by the official law enforcement entity providing employment to the Sworn Law Enforcement user role
Extended Primary • Verification documentation: proof of State Certification as a Private Security entity
Broadcast & Media • Machine to Machine
• Engineers responsible for broadcast equipment maintenance and support
Extended Primary  
REMINDER: FirstNet Rate Plans may not be used to provide wireless or any other connectivity to the public including, but not limited to Public WIFI.
1Ground Transportation – Freight (Trucking) - Must have contract with public safety OR be listed in a Government Emergency Response Plan; Public Transportation (Transit Authorities) – if Government – no verification/validation – if private contracting with government – Government contract or listed in a Government Emergency Response Plan (crisis/emergency clause)
2Healthcare – Private Practice Medical Professionals – Drs/Nurses/Physicians Assistants. Extended Primary – no documentation. EXCLUSIONS: Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacology/Pharmacists, Chiropractors/Chiropractic, Insurance Industry or Donor (Organ, Plasma, etc.) not eligible for FirstNet
3Energy Utilities – Commercial providers of various Energy Utility services to residential, governmental and commercial facilities. Includes Co-Ops – Local EMCs (Electrical Membership Cooperatives) – Field Techs and Dispatch. Includes Propane suppliers. Does not include Retail distribution – i.e., Gas Stations