IP Communications


Professional-grade intercom-over-IP systems for enterprise-wide communications, remote intercom access, and interface connection to 3rd-party 4-wire audio devices.

IP Communications is an easy, cost-effective and flexible way to give remote users access to the intercom without the investment of new cabling or hardware. Clear-Com's suite of IP offerings enables enterprise-wide communications, remote intercom access, and connectivity to industry-standard intercom and audio devices over LAN, WAN or IP networks. All Clear-Com IP solutions are designed and based on the unique I.V.Core® Intercom-over-IP platform, which delivers low latency communications and superb audio quality through the use of wideband CODEC. Clear-Com's Intercom-over-IP products include the LQ Series IP interface devices, Clear-Com Concert® soft-client application and Agent-IC™ mobile app.

Technology Position Paper available for download:
Clear-Com Compatibility with Audio-over-IP Standards