Land Mobile Radios

Land Mobile Radios  also referred to as two-way radios or walkie-talkies — can help increase safety, control, and efficiency within your business or government operations. With recent advancements in technology, we're able to provide our customers with the best solution to fit their needs. Whether you're a small school looking for a cost effective walkie talkie under $100, or you are a large business with unique communication requirements, we can help design a solution tailored to you. 

Handheld Radios & Accessories

Every two-way radio solution starts with a handheld radio. It's portable and it covers even when there's no cellular service. It's a reliable and proven technology to ensure your team stays connected. There's no monthly service fee to use your two-way radios so once you purchase the equipment, you're own your own network you can take anywhere in the world!

But sometimes taking your handheld radio off your belt every time you need to communicate can be bothersome. That's why we offer a wide selection of two-way radio accessories to help you communicate. Our most popular accessories include shoulder microphones, 2-wire surveillance kits, earpieces, and headsets. Additionally, we offer the lowest prices on replacement batteries, chargers, antennas, belt clips, and other carry holder solutions. 


What's a repeater you might ask? Think of it like a cut-off man in baseball. Sometimes you're two-way radios are to far apart send a signal to each other. Kind of like an outfielder may not be able to throw the ball all the way to home plate. A repeater is placed in the middle, like a cut-off man, to help relay that signal to radios at a farther distance. If distance and coverage is ever an issue for your operations, repeaters are sure to boost that up for you!

Base Stations

Now let's say you're a hotel. Maybe your housekeeping and engineering department is on the bottom floor of the building surrounded by thick concrete. You have a repeater but you still can't quite reach the far ends of the building. A Base station is like a handheld radio which is fixed to a desk however it has a better antenna for receiving audio and it transmits at a much higher power than a handheld. Handhelds can only provide a maximum of 5-Watts of power. However, base stations typically push about 45-Watts of power (depending on the model). This enables you to get better cover in fixed areas of your building which may be hard to reach with handhelds.


Mobile radios are just like base stations but for your vehicles. The wiring for power is slightly different since it's not plugging into a wall, it's connecting to the car battery for its power source. This is beneficial if you have vehicles traveling outside of your normal coverage area. Again, a handheld can be limited on its power output so instead of using a portable radio in your vehicle, mounting a mobile radio will give you much better coverage.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC)

Has two-way radio coverage always been a challenge no matter how many repeaters, mobiles, and base stations you added? You're area of operations might be too large for an affordable two-way radio system. Not to worry, we have an alternative solution for you! Push-to-talk over cellular is a great way for you to get all the functionality and more out of your radio communication. This solution will require a monthly rate plan, however, you won't need to worry about the added expenses of repeater systems. Additionally, we often have access to promotions which could reduce to cost of devices as low as $0.99 for your rugged smartphone. Especially if your employees had been using a two-way radio AND a cell phone, this is a great way to consolidate 2 devices into one. 

LMR to LTE Interoperability

Thinking of using Push-to-Talk Over Cellular but you still want to keep some two-way radios? Not a problem! With our LMR to LTE Interoperability solutions, you can now communicate between your two-way radios and PoC phones. Imagine having the flexibility to be driving through California while using your cell phone to communicate with all your two-way radios in New York. We can make it happen with LMR to LTE Interoperability!

Wireless PA Systems

This is great if you want to use your handheld radio to talk through a loud speaker reaching people in a fixed area. This is great for warehouse applications and schools. For example, imagine you're the Principal at a high school. There is an emergency situation to where you need to immediately notify anybody on campus with safety instructions. You can switch your handheld radio to the Wireless PA channel and talk just as if you were calling another radio. The signal will send from your radio to the wireless PA loudspeaker which acts just like a receive only radio. Your audio is transmitted directly to everyone within earshot of that PA. 

But maybe it's not for emergencies. Maybe you operate a large warehouse and you don't want to give all your employees a handheld radio. Setup a Wireless PA and you can relay your message to your entire team with the push of a button on your radio.

Call Boxes

These are great for applications like golf courses and restaurants. This is a fixed two-way radio embedded into a call box. You can have a designated channel on your handhelds to access each of your call boxes throughout your property. So if a customer needs help, they push the button to talk and they reach your staff without the need of cellular service. 


Maybe all this sounds great but you only have a short term event and you need communication. Two Way Direct has a large fleet of two-way radio products to get you what you need without having to incur the expense of buying a bunch of radios. 

Repairs, Maintenance and other Services

We repair any two-way radio at affordable prices. We offer low flat rate repairs as well as monthly service contracts as an alternative. And if you need an FCC License, we can help you there too!