Motorola CP185 Earpieces

Whether it’s a theater’s production crew keeping radio chatter quiet so not to distract the audience, or a security team trying to keep their presence as discreet as possible – for jobs that need a more inconspicuous radio solution, Two Way Direct offers many different Motorola CP185 earpiece accessories for your communications needs.

Two Way Direct has a wide selection of options to outfit your team any Motorola CP185 earpiece that you might need out in the field. The radio may be made by Motorola, but these accessories represent the very best selection from a variety of manufacturers. We proudly offer:

While discretion is a good reason for purchasing a surveillance earpiece for your handheld radios, other benefits to consider are:

  • Less chance of dropping your radio and causing damage
  • Quicker access for response when the mic is located on the user’s chest/shoulder