Otto V4-HN2MR3B Hurricane II Lightweight Behind-The-Head Headset With PTT [XPR3300 APX3000 APX8000]

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OTTO V4-HN2MR3B Hurricane II Lightweight Behind-The-Head Headset With Standard PTT for Motorola Radios
[XPR3300 XPR3500 DP3441 APX3000 APX8000 DP2000 DP2400 DP2600 MTP3100 MTP3150 MTP3200 MTP3500 MTP3550] 

The Hurricane II Headset offers OTTO’s highest NRR of 29 dB to provide outstanding hearing protection with excellent communications performance. It has been designed to fit well under most helmets and hard hats, and is comfortable to wear even in hot environments.  

• Includes specialized NoisEz eartips for maximum hearing protection, along with standard silicone eartips and flexible open ear inserts for use in less noisy areas.
• Standard inline PTT is included.


  • Behind-the-Head style headset with dual ear inserts
  • Delivers the performance of a heavy-duty headset without all of the weight and bulk
  • Provides noise reduction with use of Comply Ear Tips (29dB)
  • Multiple ear insert options included
  • Ear tips are non-toxic, non-allergenic
  • Easily converts from high noise to low noise environment
  • Flexible extreme noise-canceling boom microphone with replaceable windscreen
  • Can be worn under helmet or cap

Compatible with:

  • Motorola XPR3300 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola XPR3500 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola DP3441 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola APX3000 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola APX8000 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola DP2000 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola DP2400 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola DP2600 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3100 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3150 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3200 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3250 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3500 Series two-way radios
  • Motorola MTP3550 Series two-way radios

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Motorola XPR3300
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Motorola XPR3500