2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Posted by Two Way Direct on 13th Aug 2019

Congrats to Nextivity for the Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster achievements!

Earlier this month, TMC recognized Cel-Fi GO RED with a 2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Read the Press Release now.

What is Cel-Fi GO RED?

This FirstNet Booster ensures that First Responders get indoor and outdoor cellular coverage during emergencies, when they need it most. This device can be set up in minutes, allowing the FirstNet signals to amplify in a crisis so First Responders can have strong, reliable connectivity.

Two Way Direct Nextivity Cel-Fi GO RED

FirstNet Boosters

We are happy to support a program that allows First Responders the capability to connect seamlessly in a crisis for the safety of the public.

To learn more about FirstNet and Cel-Fi GO RED contact our specialists at (888) 742-5893.