Benefits Of Earpieces For Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 18th May 2022

   Top quality two way radio systems are those, which allow for optimal communications in constantly changing environments. Whether there’s a need to extend life and coverage or to simply cancel out background noise, two way radio accessories are what take your system from good to great.

   When utilizing handhelds among teams, it is important that each individual has access to quick, easy connection. Creating a hands-free environment makes this possible. One of the most common accessories, which aids in this type of system is the earpiece.

   Earpieces can be as simple as just a single receive-only earpiece for private audio, or advanced multi-wire kits. You can also utilize D-shell options as well for more rugged environments. To use, simply connect the accessory to the two way radio’s audio port and place it on the ear. Press the PTT button to transmit your message, while the radio remains attached to your hip.

   Creating a hands-free system for your team allows for longevity of your radios as well as your accessories. Preserve your system with these accessories and save your money for other necessary business expenses.


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