Bird Technology Updates Signal Booster II+ With Fiber

Posted by Two Way Direct on 7th Aug 2020

Bird Technology is a provider of RF components, subsystems, test equipment, and services. They have just announced the release of an expansion to its Signal Booster product line by adding fiber transport to the Bird SBII+ product line which will increase the coverage area. The Fiber Fed Signal Booster II+ is now available to help increase the coverage area by 16 times.

Signal Boosters for First Responders 

With this product advancement, Bird now has the capacity to provide the expected public safety grade reliability and coverage to single large building or multiple buildings for first responders, public safety government agencies, and private system users all using a single donor antenna.

Two Way Direct Bird Fiber Fed Signal Booster

Maximize Your Coverage Area by 16 Times  

The integration of the fiber fed signal booster allows the Signal Booster II+ to cover up to 16 times more area than the traditional Signal Booster. It is designed for efficient system implementation with complete setup, monitoring, and control.

Fiber Fed Signal Booster II+ Features

  • Supports up to 16 Remote Boosters to maximize coverage area. 
  • The web browser user interface allows for local and network configuration. 
  • Multiple bands as needed. 
  • Complete set-up, monitoring, and control from the head-end. 
  • Highly secure SNMP (v. 3.0) to send encrypted or in the clear system status trap messages to an SNMP Manager. 
  • Easily perform remote firmware updates. 
  • Built in oscillation management and detection with multiple user configurable choices. 
  • On board LED displays and remote OLC monitoring capability. 
  • NFPA/IFC options includes all the alarms and battery backup configuration options to comply with the standards.

Next Steps

Are you looking for a signal booster? Give our communication specialists a call at (888) 742-5893, so we can help get your team connected with this Fiber Fed Signal Booster II Plus. 

To learn more about the specifications of this product, click on the data sheet link, Fiber Fed RF Signal Booster Data Sheet, or visit the product page on our site,The Fiber Fed Signal Booster II+