Bluetooth for Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 4th Feb 2019

Bluetooth technology has come a long way since it was developed in 1994. Today, virtually all modern smartphones have Bluetooth capabilities, so it’s not surprising that Bluetooth for two way radios has become increasingly common.

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What Is Bluetooth?

To put it simply, Bluetooth technology lets you cut the cord. It started as a short-range wireless connectivity standard that operates on the free 2.4GHz frequency band, but it’s evolved over the years. Today, Bluetooth is used to connect a huge variety of different types of devices from varying industries.

One of the most common examples of Bluetooth technology is the Bluetooth earpiece for mobile phones. These devices let you talk on the phone while it’s in your pocket. Bluetooth headphones and speakers are also common, letting you play music from your Bluetooth-enabled device with no wires required.

Bluetooth for two way radios operates in the same way. Two way radios with Bluetooth capabilities let you communicate hands-free using your preferred earpiecesheadsetsspeaker microphones, and other accessories.

Common Uses for Bluetooth Radios

You may be wondering if you should be using Bluetooth technology for your communications system. Plenty of industries use standard two way radios with no problems whatsoever. However, many of them could benefit from using Bluetooth-enabled devices. The simple fact is that many people aren’t aware that the option exists.

Look at Bluetooth as an invisible cord. People turn to Bluetooth for two way radios when they want to be able to communicate without holding the actual device in their hand. For example, construction workers may want to stay in contact with the crew while working. In that case, using a Bluetooth-enabled radio with an earpiece or headset would make sense.

Bluetooth devices are also discreet. Law enforcement officers often use Bluetooth devices to communicate with backup without drawing attention to themselves. Paramedics also use Bluetooth devices to keep in touch with their team while simultaneously providing medical care.

Better Safe than Sorry

Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to use the Bluetooth feature on your radio, sometimes it’s better to have the technology available, just in case you need it eventually. Bluetooth for two way radios lets you eliminate all cords, and that’s a big deal.

When every second counts, you don’t want to be inhibited by wires. If an emergency situation occurs, you may be glad to have the option to use a Bluetooth earpiece. With a belt clip and a Bluetooth-enabled two way radio, you can keep both hands free so you can focus on the immediate task at hand.

Recommended Devices and Accessories

Here at Two Way Direct, we always keep up with the latest cutting-edge technology. If you’re looking for Bluetooth for two way radios and accessories, we can help.

This Sonim Bluetooth headset is a great choice for first responders. It’s extremely rugged and durable, and it comes loaded with the latest features that facilitate better communications during emergency situations. It supports Enhanced Push-to-Talk by AT&T so you can use it with your smartphone too.

The Icom F7020T (UHF) and Icom F7010T are both powerful handheld radios with Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. These top-of-the-line radios come fully loaded with the latest technology, ensuring that you’re never held back by your communications devices. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, you can’t go wrong with the Hytera BD552U-BT.

Tips for Using Bluetooth Communications Devices

In order to maintain secure communications, it’s important that you follow some basic protocol. Bluetooth for two way radios is an incredibly useful technology, but it can be abused if you’re not careful. Fortunately, these days manufacturers are taking steps to keep Bluetooth communications secure, and as long as you buy modern, high-quality products, you shouldn’t have any problems.

First, you want to be sure that your devices use Bluetooth V2.1 or later. Outdated Bluetooth technology may allow people to eavesdrop on your conversations and even communicate. Naturally, this can cause serious issues. Using updated Bluetooth technology ensures that you’re protected.

It’s also important that you know who’s able to access your Bluetooth network. Each Bluetooth device has a unique address as well as a friendly name that identifies who’s using the network. Make sure you have a white list of people who are allowed to use Bluetooth for two way radios, as well as their corresponding friendly names. Use non-descriptive friendly names so hackers can’t impersonate someone on your team.

Finally, make sure you know how to use your devices properly. Make sure you know the appropriate distance between your mouth and the device. Make sure you know how to position it in your ear. Test your devices thoroughly so you know how they function. Check the batteries regularly, have battery chargers readily available, and always have backup batteries ready.

Shop Quality Bluetooth-enabled Products

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