Communication Solutions for School Buses

Posted by Two Way Direct on 29th Jul 2019

Safety is the most important topic at schools. Traditionally, schools have outfitted the school bus fleet with mobile radios. In most cases, mobile radios are the best solution. However, some districts have had problems with coverage and staying connected.

Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solutions

Together with our partners, we have created the Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solution. Our all-in-one solution features a Rugged Phone, a Device Mounting Kit, Application Integration, and Nationwide Coverage through FirstNet. Our system eliminates the need to have multiple vendors and brings you the best solutions, custom to your school bus fleet, all in one bill.

Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solution

What is GPS Lockbox?

The  GPS Lockbox is a device mounting system for vehicles. This system makes it easy to keep your drivers connected with a safe and hand-free compliant system. The set up allows the driver to communicate to dispatch using the remote speaker microphone without having to pull over. 

Features for Rugged Devices

We chose to use GPS LockBox for our Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solution because it has valuable features for bus drivers to use while on the road.

  • Quick docking the device
  • Secure locking with a key
  • Loud and customizable audio
  • Hands-free compliant speaker microphone

What Phones Fit in the GPS Lockbox?

There are many rugged devices that fit in the GPS Lockbox. GPS Lockbox has designed and manufactured Cradles for popular smartphones. The main devices used with this system include:

Certified Application Integration

There are many applications that provide real-time school bus information to a dispatch system for school districts. Transportation Communications and Management Platforms can easily connect students, parents, bus drivers, school faculty, and first responders within one app. 

Benefits for All

The Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solution improves operations for school districts. With our solution, your team is able to keep the documents, communication, and accountability in one program. This allows the district to stay organized at all times, promoting and enhancing safety.

This solution provides bus location in real-time, which saves time for faculty and parents. The improvement in communication is crucial at all times, especially in a crisis when every minute counts. Being a part of FirstNet gives your team priority in the Network designed for First Responders.

Demonstrations for Coverage

Connectivity is important for all drivers. These systems keep bus drivers connected at all times without distraction. To learn about the coverage in your area, contact us for a demo. In most cases, we can offer a few devices to your team for coverage testing.

For more information regarding our Two Way Direct Smart Bus Solution, contact us at  (888) 742-5893.