How Can Multi-Unit Chargers Can Enhance Your Two-Way Radio Communications?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 5th May 2022

   Two-way radios are a necessary communications solution for many different industries. Whether it is public safety, school security, manufacturing, trucking, theme park operations (and more) these handhelds allow for work flows to function seamlessly, while enabling a safer work environment. Products which enhance two-way radio system functionality include earpieces, shoulder mics and chargers.

   With larger teams, it is important to extend the life of the product in order to maintain reliable communications. One way to do so is through utilizing multi-unit chargers for your radios.

Benefits of Multi-Unit Chargers

    Multi-unit chargers are single-plug-chargers, which allow for multiple two way radios to be charged simultaneously. So, when there are a handful of radios, which need to be powered for a new shift, they can easily be organized and accounted for as they charge together in preparation for the next group of workers. Also, with a multi-unit charger, you can be sure that all radios, which need to be charged, have done so. Another benefit of these accessories is wire management. With one plug to handle 6 radios, you eliminate the need for 6 single unit chargers, which would occupy 6 different plugs in different areas. It just makes sense to have your radios in one place, being charged at the same time.

Charging Tips

   When utilizing multi-unit chargers, however, it is important to understand how to properly use the accessory.

   Do not overcharge your battery

   When you overcharge a two way radio battery, it depletes the life of the handheld and makes it more difficult for that battery to hold a charge.

   Do not charge the radio while in the “on” position

   A common human error in utilizing two way radios is charging while the handheld is still powered on. Not only is this not healthy for your radios, but your battery is less likely to reach a full charge as well as to maintain that charge.


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