​How Much Can I Get From A Radio Trade In?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 1st Aug 2019

Having new, functioning technology helps your team stay efficient and productive. If the wear-and-tear on your two-way radios is noticeable and begins to hinder your ability to communicate with your team, it may be time for replacement units.

We understand upgrading communication technologies can be costly, which is why we offer great trade-in values for your used radios as well as affordable prices on new handheld radios.

Typical Radio Trade-In Guidelines

Our team will work with you to get you the best value for your trade-ins, whether it’s a few radios or your entire collection. Trade-ins are typically treated at a 1 to 1 ratio. For every radio you turn in, you will qualify for a discount on one new radio.

In some cases, if you are replacing your units with a similar model that is compatible with your battery and accessories, we will accept only the faceplate of the radio. This allows you to keep the battery and single unit chargers if they are still in good, working condition.

We expect to receive your two-way radios after you receive your new equipment. Occasionally, we’ll ask for a reader-radio to program your new radios at no additional charge. We will program them to be compatible with your existing radio frequencies.

How Much Is My Radio Worth?

As technology progresses, communication devices begin to lose value. We strive to get you the most so your team can operate on new radios after the trade-in.

On average, you can receive $10 to $50 per radio*. This depends on many factors of the radio including the condition of the radio, the tier of your radio, and the tier of radio you are trading in for.

*Call our experts for complete evaluations. Not all radios will receive a cash trade-in value.

What Do You Do With My Radio?

The purpose of a trade-in is to get you a new radio that fits your business needs. We do not resell your radio. In most cases, the radios are responsibly recycled. However, depending on the radio condition, we have donated used, working radios to nonprofits.

Upgrade Your Technology

The best part of upgrading your radios is having us program them for free. If you are only partially replacing your units, we make sure your new units are compatible. Your radios are likely compatible with other cost-effective radio brands, which can save you on costs during the transition. See our  compatibility test videos on popular radios.

Since you have made it this far, it may be time to trade-in your two-way radios and upgrade your technology. Let us help you get the gear you need! Call in and see how much your trade-ins will save you.

Make sure to ask about our cases for your new radios for extra durability, to help prevent wear-and-tear, and to protect the longevity of your investment.

For more information regarding your radio trade in, call our experts at  (888) 742-5893 today.