Hytera H-Series Two-Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 17th Feb 2022

Hytera H-Series Two-Way Radios

Hytera recently introduced its newest line of next-generation DMR two-way radios, the H-Series. These powerful yet affordable two-way radios have been designed with the user in mind. This series of two-way radio models provide a more efficient experience amongst its users by offering loud and clear audio, longer battery life, intuitive user interface, extended range, and a rugged design.

H-Series Available Now In Four Models

HP602 - The Hytera HP602 two-way radio features a one-line OLED display and delivers exceptional value with abundant features, a 20-hour Lithium Polymer battery, Man Down, and industry-leading audio performance.

HP682 - The Hytera HP682 two-way radio features a 1.8" TFD-LCD display and full keypad that supports a wide variety of functions, along with the same features as the HP602. Bluetooth and GPS models are available.

HP702 - The Hytera HP702 two-way radio features a one-line OLED display and delivers the same exceptional value and features as the HP602 and HP682. The HP 7 series radios feature a longer battery life than the HP 6 series models at 24-hours and are slightly larger in size.

HP782 - The Hytera HP782 two-way radio features a 2.4" TFD-LCD display and a full keypad. It has the same battery life as the HP702 which allows for longer use time and reliability when you need it. Bluetooth and GPS models are available.

Industry Usage for Hytera HP Two-Way Radios

The Hytera HP-Series radios are a great option for customer service industries, hotels, and can withstand even the harshest work environments. You will have the confidence that your employees will have efficient and reliable communications on the job.

Top Accessories For Hytera H-Series Two-Way Radios

Hytera has made it easy to transition your fleet over to the HP-Series by ensuring that many many of their previous two-way radio model accessories can be cross utilized. The top accessories available for these Hytera HP Series radios include 2 Wire Surveillance Earpiece Kits, G-Hook Earpieces, and Remote Speaker Microphones.


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