Improving Workplace Communication With The Help Of Radios And Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Jul 2020

There have been many changes to the workplace in efforts of preventing the spread of COVID-19. New workplace practices include a minimum of six-feet social distancing, an increase in sanitation procedures, and the proper use of face masks. 

We have also seen an increase of two-way radios in various workplaces to help communication between workers as teams are allotting a certain amount of people in and out of the building. As restaurants expand to the outdoors servers are also utilizing two-way radios to discreetly communicate and help the flow of operations.  

We recommend the use of accessories to overcome the communication hurdle. As we get accustomed to these new practices, we need to overcome several challenges. Below, we list the top three tips to help your teams communicate in a safe way through the use of two-way radios. 

Tips To Improving Workplace Communication

  • Use Earpieces, Microphones, and Remote Speaker Microphones
  • Utilize A Strong and Clear Voice
  • Sanitize Two-Way Radios and Accessories

Using Two-Way Radio Accessories

Earpieces, Microphones, and Remote Speaker Microphones can easily provide your team private and instantaneous communication that will keep the workflow moving consistently, making sure your operations are not interrupted by miscommunication. Most of these accessories can be easily sanitized so each person can have a safe and clean product at the beginning of their shift while keeping overall costs low. Give us a call to find the compatible accessory for your two-way radio brand and model.

Use A Strong and Clear Voice When Talking Through Two-Way Radios

It is important to use a strong voice when using two-way radios and microphones, especially while wearing a facial mask. Short, clear, and concise messages are easier to understand. Keep in mind, most retail and restaurant settings can be noisy. We suggest using an in-ear earpiece and microphone set to help with this. 

Sanitize Your Radios and Accessories Before and After Each Shift

Sanitizing your radios and accessories can help stop the spread of germs. We recommend using disinfectant wipes  on the surfaces to clean radios and accessories before and after each shift. Make sure to cover all ports ensuring no liquid drips inside. To learn more about sanitizing your two-way radios and accessories, read our blog,  How To Disinfect Two-Way Radios And Radio Accessories, and watch our video below.

Increase Workflow Communication 

At Two Way Direct, your business is important to us. That is why we provide you with a personalized account manager that is dedicated to supporting your business communication needs. Give us a call at  (888) 742-5893 to learn more about the two-way radios and accessories that can help improve your operations. Our communication specialists are waiting to greet you!