Introducing The New Two Way Direct XTR50 Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 17th Aug 2020

The Two Way Direct XTR50 is the newest two-way radio in the product line.This powerful 2-Watt two-way radio increases communication and reliability in many industries. The size and durability make it ideal for restaurants, retail stores, and small warehouses.

Compatible Earpieces And Shoulder Microphones For The XTR50 

This radio has a two-pin connection for earpieces and shoulder microphones. See the list of compatible earpieces and remote speaker microphones below:

Replacement Accessories Available For The XTR50

There are many accessories that can be purchased to help your operations. Whether you are looking for replacement parts or spare parts, we have it all. 

If you have a large fleet of radios, 6-bank multi-unit chargers make it easy to keep your radios connects, organized, and charged in one place. Additionally, you can minimize the number of outlets needed to charge your two-way radios. 

Increase Your Communication With Two-Way Radios

We understand that increasing communication during these times is important. Give us a call at (888) 742-5893 to learn more about the two-way radios and accessories that can help improve your operations. We look forward to working with you soon!