Is Nextel Making A Come Back?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 17th Aug 2022

Is Nextel Back?” This is one of the most popular questions our two-way radio customers have been asking these days. Nextel is a form of interoperability that had previously allowed for decreased cost and increased coverage and seemed to be the best solution for nationwide connectivity.

The answer to this question however is, unfortunately, no. Nextel is not coming back. However, contrary to belief, this technology actually never left. It only began to improve and evolve into what it is today. So if not Nextel, then what is available to you?

You may be disappointed about Nextel, but as a communication company, we’re here to provide you with some of our recommendations for similar applications.

Network Two-Way Radios & Smartphones

The first solution, which is a comparable option to the previous Nextel system would be the Motorola Wave System. Comprised of the TLK100 handheld radio and the TLK150 mobile radio, this solution is a subscription-based component combined with the Wave OnCloud web app. Together, this system offers push-to-talk communications with no boundaries.

Easily expand your team of radios without the need to expand infrastructure. Industries, which benefit from this solution include Trucking, Towing, Public Safety, Public Transportation, Resorts, Large Music Festivals, Events, and more.

Motorola Wave Push-To-Talk Communications is flexible to meet your team's needs. Whether you need to track your team in real time and monitor productivity with the web-based app or get connected via smartphones, Motorola WAVE will help your operations run safely and smoothly.

WiFi Enhanced Two-Way Radios

Another feasible option, which is similar to the Nextel application is the Motorola Curve wifi-enhanced two-way radio. This handheld combines radio-based push-to-talk abilities with Wi-Fi-powered cloud communication. With a range of 300,000 square feet, your team can easily stay connected while on the job.

The retail industry values this solution due to its lightweight design and optimal coverage. It can easily connect employees throughout the store and even beyond. Ensure that your communications will hold up with a wifi-enhanced solution such as the Motorola Curve two-way radio.

The Next Nextel Generation

While Nextel may not be coming back, it has become clear that newer and better options have developed in its place.

For more information on enhanced network systems, give our communication specialists a call at (888) 742-5893 or submit a quote request and we’ll reach out to you.