Motorola SL300 2 Versions (2 channel / 99 channel)

Posted by Two Way Direct on 13th Sep 2022

The Motorola SL300 two-way radio is a Commercial tier MOTOTRBO Portable radio from Motorola. This handheld is specifically unique due to the many features it offers along with its durability. With a sleek design and ease-of-use, the SL300 digital radio also possesses 3 Watts of power but in most cases has actually shown to get more range than 4-5 watt handhelds. Because of its versatility, Motorola has created two different versions of this model; the 2 channel and the 99 channel versions.

While both models offer UHF and VHF versions and can be used with both Analog and TDMA Digital walkie talkies programmed on the same frequencies (certain Icom and Kenwood radios are compatible), the difference lies in the amount of channels they possess as well as their visual appearance.

The 99 channel SL300 two-way radio offers an Active View Display, which is hidden under the protective surface of the radio in order to prevent a broken or scratched screen, ultimately enhancing the life of the two-way radio. This display also automatically turns off when not in use, preserving the life of the battery as well.

The 2 channel SL300 handheld possesses very similar features outside of the active view display, and is simply a more basic model for those who don’t require those extra features.

Professionals such as Event Specialists and Property Managers seeking a slim, lightweight and user-friendly product, which looks professional and can also survive the impact of everyday use can definitely trust the SL300 to work for them. Education, hospitality and light manufacturing are other industries which can utilize this handheld due to its durability and reliability.


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