Motorola T800 Talkabout Mobile App Capability Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 18th Oct 2022


    A consumer two-way radio, the Motorola T800 model is an extremely versatile communications option for off-the-grid adventures to busy events such as music festivals and everything in between.

   This model is compatible with any other consumer two-way radio, so you are able to communicate with all other FRS/GMRS handhelds by simply joining the same channel with the same privacy code.

   With up to 35 miles of coverage, the Motorola T800 keeps you connected with the simple click of a button. Don’t want to add another radio to the system? No worries! Just download the Talkabout® App on your smartphone and connect via bluetooth in order to share and track your locations as well as to send messages with others in your group. This weatherproof handheld also allows you to track weather conditions via one of the 11 weather channels offering alerts in your area making it much safer for those off-the-grid situations.

So, how does it work?

   Once the two-way radio and your smartphone are bluetooth-connected, the app on your phone utilizes the T800 radios as a modem to enable messaging, location-sharing and much more over radio frequencies to those in your group.

The Motorola T800 Talkabout Radio allows for connectivity outside of the cellular grid. So, whether it’s hunting, hiking, skiing or at a large event, you can rest assured that you will remain connected no matter what.


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