Social Distancing In The Workplace With The Help Of Radios And Callboxes

Posted by Two Way Direct on 29th Apr 2020

Using Radios and Callboxes around your property can increase productivity. New health practices are taking place in work places including working from home, limiting the number of people in one area, and social distancing in the workplace. Our bundle deals can help you get through social distancing with radios at a low cost.

Two-Way Radio and Callbox Bundles 

Increase productivity while staying connected to your team and your customers at all times with our two-way radios and callbox solutions. We understand social distancing can become a challenge in places like property management facilities, apartment complexes, leasing offices, and large warehouses. That is why we created a bundle to help communication tactics in your facility. 

Our bundle can be customized for your needs. The most popular bundle includes six  Two Way Direct XTR300 digital radios, one 6-Shot Multi-Unit Charger for XTR300, six G-Hooks for XTR300, and one customized Ritron Callbox or PA System. 

Callboxes can be placed outside of office buildings or leasing offices to keep your doors closed and limit the number of customers or tenants entering the building. You will be able to communicate back on a two-way radio without being face-to-face. Plus, these are easy to sanitize!

We have many Callboxes and Loudmouth PA Systems available to work with the XTR300 in digital mode. Learn more about the  Ritron Loudmouth PA System with the video below.

Social Distancing Guidelines For A Productive Workplace

We understand the health of employees and customers is the top priority of many companies. That is why many companies have adopted social distancing practices to remain open and productive while keeping everyone safe. We have taken extreme measures in our own office and suggest the following tips for various industries using two-way radios:

  1. Disinfect radios and radio accessories after each use. It is important to use disinfectant wipes before handing off radios to the next person. 
  2. Use silicone cases that are resistant to bacteria growth. These help keep the radio protected when dropped and are easy to sanitize.
  3. Limit the number of people sharing earpieces. This can be done by providing each employee their own. If that is not possible, watch our video, How to Effectively Share Two-Way Radio Earpieces, where we recommend the best sharable earpieces and how to disinfect them after each use.    
  4. Have callboxes set at office buildings so less people enter the office space. These can easily be sanitized to remain safe to touch and use throughout time. 

Learn more about  The Top Things You Can Do To Stop The Spread of Germs Through Radios on our blog!

Social Distancing With The Help Of Two-Way Radios And Callboxes

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Two Way Radio and Callbox Bundle