The Best Entry Level Two-Way Radios For Businesses

Posted by Two Way Direct on 26th Jun 2020

Are you looking for two-way radios for your business that are user-friendly and cost-effective? These radios make the best entry-level radios for various industries. 

Hytera BD502i

The Hytera BD502i two-way radio is a compact device that provides a professional communication in an easy to operate way. This Hytera radio is lightweight, easy-to-operate, and offers a clear voice for excellent performance and reliability. 

The BD502i makes the perfect entry-level radio for companies in security, hotel management, and retail shopping malls.

Hytera TC508i

The Hytera TC508i two-way radio helps businesses run smoother with instant, quality communications. This palm-sized and lightweight portable radio delivers solid and reliable two-way radio performance at a competitive price. 

As an analog radio, the TC508i is ideal for industries in photography, film production, and theater.

Icom F2000

The  Icom F2000 two-way radio is a waterproof handheld device. It is designed with a covered audio port to protect the inside of the radio from liquid and moisture. The design makes this radio easy-to-use with little to no training.   

Because of the waterproofing, the F2000 is the ideal entry-level radio for industries related to boating and marine life.

Two Way Direct XTR300

The Two Way Direct XTR300 two-way radio brings the compatibility to work with various handheld devices and the rugged dependability to handle any potential job-site with an IP56 rating. This powerful radio extends its coverage to give clear digital voice across the warehouse floor.   

Designed with the user in mind, the XTR300 is the ideal entry-level radio for industries such as large retail warehouses and manufacturing. 

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